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Teletronic would be more than happy to hear from anyone wishing to contribute original and well-written articles on the history and/or development of television. Please email televisionheaven@hotmail.co.uk - we have deliberately not made this address a hyperlink in order to reduce the chances of spam. (No, we know it won't stop it but in our experience most spammers are lazy).


If you wish to contact Teletronic because you are a so-called 'web developer' and you can improve our Search Engine Optimisation, get us top ranking on Google or fix our allegedly multiple broken hyperlinks - save yourself the bother. Those emails are deleted unread on a daily basis. However, if you have a website about television, radio, movies or general nostalgia and would like a reciprocal link please email the above address. All reciprocal links will go on our Links Page. Teletronic does not offer free advertising or 'articles in exchange' for links where the linked site does not fall into our usual link category.

Teletronic would be approachable to paid advertisements on the website. Please see our Advertising Page for further details.

We will endeavour to reply to all e-mails (well, the non-spam type), as soon as possible.


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